GUJRAT - The media and the Judiciary are becoming effective in Pakistan. They are gaining strength and independence in the society. Consequently awareness among people of Pakistan is rising which would ultimately lead to the election of an honest and responsible Parliament. Pakistan has a great potential to become a democratic nation. Thinking of resolution in the society is just gimmicks. People of Pakistan can reform the system through the electoral process. Youth must behave responsibly while casting their vote. Worldly renowned democracies had developed through a natural process of evolution. Revolutions in the states like France, USSR and Iran had serious implications in their societies. These views were exchanged by the renowned journalist and anchor Sohail Warraich while addressing as the Chief Guest at the first episode of the Face-to-Face programme launched at the Mass Communication & Media Centre (MCMC) here at the University of Gujrat on Thursday. Earlier, while welcoming the guest and narrating the objectives of the purposeful campus in the centre of Punjab, UoG Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin said that the campus is second important seat of learning established by the Punjab government. It had a landmark patronage by the provincial government and the Higher Education Commission. It is due to the facilities and the student friendly environment that the female students enthusiastically registered here for the higher studies. He said that the administration is keen to equip its students with the latest trends and developments of the diverse professions. Sohail Warraich, in his address, briefed the students with the journalistic technique like interviewing and on the production of public welfare programmes on society. He also briefed them about the publics feelings and perceptions on different socio-political and ethical matters of the society. While briefing on the situation of ethical code of conduct in the media production, Sohail Warraich said that there may be violation by any media organization however the overall conditions of the media outputs are satisfactory. He said that the media representative bodies are working on the consensus code of ethics. Sohail Warraich apprised the students extensively on the matters of the freedom of the press, publics perception about any change in Pakistan and the political system in Pakistan. He concluded his briefing to the students with the stress to be hardworking, truthful, impartial and custodian of the national interest.