LAHORE/ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari has again asked PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to join the parliament as a member to 'strengthen democracy in the country, but the latter has turned down the offer. The desire was expressed on Thursday when Nawaz Sharif called on President Zardari at the Presidency to condole with the latter over the death of his father Hakim Ali Zardari. They offered Fateha for the departed soul. The President thanked the PML-N leaders for their sympathies. Khawaja Asif, Ishaq Dar, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra and others accompanied Nawaz Sharif, while PPP leaders Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Raza Rabbani, Babar Awan and Imtiaz Safdar Waraech were also present on the occasion. Inside sources present in the meeting confided to TheNation that President Zardari, while talking to Nawaz Sharif, observed that he should join the parliament after getting himself elected from any constituency. For strengthening democracy, it is necessary that you (Nawaz) must become member of the parliament, sources quoted Zardari. To this, the PML-N chief declined to actualise the proposition, asserting that since nothing had been done as per the spirit of the Charter of Democracy (CoD), there was no point in becoming member of the parliament at this stage. However, Nawaz Sharif expressed his displeasure with the forging of the PPPs alliance with the PML-Q. It is unfortunate that the PPP has adopted the Q-League, averred Nawaz Sharif. To this, the President responded that the PPP had brought the whole party in its fold, instead of Lotas (turncoats). I have brought in the Party, not Lotas, replied Zardari in an obvious reference to the PML-Ns adoption of Q-League Forward Bloc in the Punjab Assembly. At this point, all those present burst into a loud laughter, thereby ending the short political pep talk between the two one-time friends-turned-adversaries. The political pundits believe that Nawaz Sharif was not interested in his personal election as an MP since the Sharifs had already started election campaign, and had visited different places and addressed public rallies. That is why Nawaz Sharif had adopted a belligerent attitude towards the PPP-led government. They believe three options were available to Nawaz Sharif. First, he could ask his partys elected members of the Senate, National and Punjab assemblies to submit resignations, which will certainly dismantle the government. Secondly, his party can start protests at city level in all provinces. And ultimately Nawaz Sharif can announce a long march for pulling down the government. All these three options are contradictory as for well over three years Nawaz Sharif had been saying that he would not let the PPP government fall. Due to this stance, he took criticism and his party was branded as 'friendly opposition. However, for the last three weeks, Nawaz Sharif had taken a sudden U-turn, and had decided to give tough time to the federal government. Separately, while reiterating demand for constitution of an independent commission to probe the Abbottabad episode as well as the terrorist attack on the Mehran Naval Base, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif made it clear to the government that his party would take these major security lapses to their logical end. I dont understand what has been keeping the government so busy and why the (Abbottabad) commission could not be constituted even after a lapse of one month since May 2, Nawaz question while talking to the media following PML-Ns parliamentary meeting at the Punjab House. He questioned what was it that the nation was being kept in the dark about and if governments breaking silence exposes someones name, then 'thats how it ought to happen. The reality would only come to light when the commission is formed and for this we will continue to exert immense pressure on the government, Nawaz Sharif said, adding that the shortcomings could be curtailed with the setting up of the proposed body. He called upon the government to implement the unanimous resolution passed by the parliament and set up the commissions in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition in the National assembly without further delay. He said democracy was repeatedly abused at the hands of military dictators and even today attempts are afoot to squash the parliament. Every sacrifice will be made to protect the sanctity of the parliament and steps will be taken inside and outside the parliament to uphold its supremacy, he vowed. The PML-N chief said all the incidents of heinous nature would not be allowed to remain under cover, stressing that the Kharotabad incident and murder of journalist Saleem Shehzad must also be investigated. He also called for making public the details of investigations into the killing of TV reporter Wali Khan Babar. To a question on budget and the role of his party in this regard, he asserted that his party was playing vigorous role of opposition and that he would not allow the people to be unduly burdened in the upcoming budget.