BEIJING (INP) - Pakistans Ambassador to China Masood Khan has praised the efforts of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in maintaining stability in South Asia. He expressed these views in a meeting with Muratbek Imanaliev, Secretary General of the SCO here on Thursday. During the meeting, Ambassador Khan also underlined Pakistans strong desire to become a full member of the SCO. Masood Khan said Pakistan had made tremendous sacrifices in the war against terrorism and was ready to work with the international community in tackling this problem. Pakistans efforts have brought stability to the region, he added. Ambassador Khan highlighted that 'fighting terrorism is a national priority and no other country in the world had suffered as much as Pakistan. He made it clear that Pakistan values above all things its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Masood Khan underlined Pakistans utmost desire to become a full member of the SCO. Pakistan has always attended the SCO heads of state/government meetings at the level of president and the prime minister. This shows the importance we attach to this forum. Pakistan, over the years has enhanced its participation in various activities of the SCO and it would be a matter of pride if it joins the organisation as a full member early. Ambassador Masood Khan congratulated the secretary general on the 10th Anniversary of the SCO. He said the organisation had gained in stature over the past decade which had prompted many countries to seek its membership. Secretary General Imanaliev appreciated the important role Pakistan was playing in the SCO and said that the SCO belonged to Pakistan and SCOs achievement was Pakistans achievement. He said the SCO stands 'shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan in its efforts for bringing peace and stability to the region, particularly Afghanistan. He appreciated Pakistans humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and indicated the readiness of the SCO member countries in providing all possible help to Pakistan in this regard. Imamaliev emphasised that Pakistan had borne the brunt of fight against terrorism and shown great courage in pushing forward the process of reconstruction in Afghanistan. Masood Khan thanked the SCO for its consistent support to Pakistan and said that supportive voices bolster the countrys resolve in the fight against terrorism. He underlined that Pakistans efforts in this regard had contributed to peace and stability in the region. Despite facing many challenges to its economic development Pakistan had been leading the international efforts against terrorism, he said.