ISLAMABAD The Foreign Office has confirmed the formation of a joint US and Pakistan intelligence team to go after top terrorism suspects. Addressing the weekly press briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said both Pakistan and the US would share intelligence and launch operation against militants. She said during recent visits of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John Kerry, Pakistan and the US agreed on joint operations but clarified that it doesnt necessarily mean presence of foreign troops on Pakistani soil. It could be sharing of intelligence, she added. She said preparations are under way for holding next round of Pakistan-US strategic dialogue. Commenting on the reports about operation in North Waziristan Agency, the spokesperson said Pakistan is fighting terrorism for its own national interests. Any decision for any (North Waziristan) operation will be taken as per Pakistans own interests and priorities, she added. Highlighting Pakistans diplomatic engagements with its neighbours, the spokesperson said: We are endeavouring to play a constructive role to realise the vision of stability, security, peace and prosperity by working collaborative arrangements, both bilaterally and multilaterally. She said Pakistans commerce delegation was in Kabul for the last few days in connection with the finalisation of the implementation details of the new Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). The talks, she said, were held in a constructive atmosphere and both the countries have finalised the subject to final approval by both respective governments about the implementation of APTTA. The spokesperson said that at the invitation of Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Jaweed Lodin will pay a three-day visit to Pakistan from Sunday next. Both sides will be working to complete the preparations for a visit by the Afghan President in the near future, she added. She said Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed on a two-tiered joint Commission for Peace and Reconciliation in Afghanistan. She said Pakistan has announced members of the commission and the Afghan government has yet to do that. She said at the instance of Islamabad, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States have formed a core group to promote the process of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. She said the dialogue process with India is going as per schedule and the two sides are in the process of finalising dates for the foreign secretary-level talks on peace and security, Jammu and Kashmir, and friendly exchanges. She said: Pakistan is going into the dialogue process with India with an open and constructive mind and with the objective of having result-oriented talks. About the Kishanganga issue, Pakistan is in the process of going into the Court of Arbitration in accordance with Indus Basin Treaty, she said. She said Pakistan has presented a non-paper on Siachen during recently concluded defence secretary-level talks which clearly outlines the countrys position on the issue. To a question, she said Pakistan and India are having talks on the visa regime today (Thursday) here in Islamabad. She said Pakistans effort is to facilitate as much as possible to the people who wish to visit families in Pakistan and for frequent visits of the business community. She said Pakistan will also attend the Asia-Europe Meeting being held in Budapest on 6 and 7 of this month. She said Pakistan fully subscribes to the concept of inter-regional cooperation in Asia. The issue of sovereignty of Pakistan has slowed down the process of retuning full spectrum of strategic dialogue between the United States and Pakistan in order to evolve a joint course in fighting terrorism, said the FO spokesperson. The most important thing is that we all face a common threat. The question of sovereignty is very dear to the government and the people of Pakistan and this has been clearly underscored by our leadership in meetings with Secretary Clinton and Senator Kerry, Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said. On the question of convening strategic dialogue between the two countries, she said that the US Secretary of State announced during her press briefing at the US Embassy that the Strategic Dialogue would take place soon. Dates, however, are yet to be finalised. Preparations in this regard are already underway. There are thirteen segments of the Strategic Dialogue with the US. Substantive discussions under some segments have already taken place. When the preparatory work is completed, we will have the confirmed dates of the Strategic Dialogue, she added.