ISLAMABAD - A tug-of-war has started between Shahid Afridi and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after the former announced his retirement from the international cricket. Afridi has now started blaming every person including Intikhab Alam, the manager, and M Ilyas, the selector, and has launched serious attacks on them. If one agrees with Afridis accusations against these persons, the first question which comes in ones mind is why he took so much time to reveal all this and why did he not inform PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt before revealing all these things in media. When Afridi was enjoying all the benefits of captaincy, all was well but suddenly as he was removed he started targeting almost every person presenting himself the fairest person. Sources inside PCB have confirmed to this scribe that the PCB was left with no option other than removing Afridi from captaincy. Instead of informing Ejaz Butt or any other responsible person he went to media to announce his decision to quit international cricket. This is a very cheap way to hide ones own mistakes and seek public sympathies by presenting oneself innocent. Afridi has the habit of using media for his personal agenda in the past too. All his statements in the past proved that whenever things went against him, he started giving statements against the Board and individuals in media. Sources confirmed that no one in PCB including the chairman was informed by Afridi about his decision to retire from the international cricket. They said the chairman heard this news on different TV channels. It is unjustified that a man does not inform the organisation for which he works about his decisions and go to media just to blackmail and play with the sentiments of the fans. Afridi is fully aware about his status in front of the cricket-mad people of Pakistan. Pakistan cricket is full of players groupings. Whenever the Board tries to keep things in check and apply strict rules, players get upset and start to leak inside stories to the media. This practice must be stopped, as no one is superior to the country and rules. No player is above the law. Afridi should have contacted the PCB chairman first and if things were not resolved according to his will, then he should have gone to the media. Pakistan cricket is already facing a lot of difficulties and different controversies have surrounded the country at this stage when no international team is willing to travel to Pakistan sighting so-called terrorism reasons, infightings like this will not help both the PCB and country in trying to bring back international cricket back to Pakistan. PCB and Afridi must sit together and resolve their problems amicably, and sort out their differences behind the doors as this is the need of the hour. If statements like this continue to come in the media this will serve no purpose to both Afridi and country. Afridi must realise that he is also a human being and has made numerous mistakes and the law is for every one. He has made a serious mistake by not letting PCB know about his decisions directly. There is still time left as the team and country needs him. In the best interest of the 180 million people of the country, Afridi must stop giving statements instead he should meet the PCB officials and discuss his point of view. After that, if he still feels justice is not done then he can use media to get himself justice. People are trying to exploit this situation for their personal agendas. It is the duty of both PCB and Shahid Afridi to sit together and foil the plans of the opportunists.