LAHORE- The Pakistan Cricket Board Thursday summoned former skipper Shahid Afridi to appear before a disciplinary committee next week for breaching its code of conduct, it said in a statement. A three-man committee comprising Shafiq Ahmed, Sultan Rana and Usman Wahla has been formed and Afridi has been summoned on June 8 to appear before it, said the PCB statement. The proceedings will be conducted in closed session and no outsiders will be allowed to attend, the PCB said, adding that there would be a right of appeal from the committees findings. The PCB on Tuesday suspended Afridis central contract and revoked all his permissions to play cricket abroad. The administrators chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed said: It is painful for us to get involved in a dispute with a cricketer who has been the national team captain until the West Indies series 2011. There are numerous contributions by Afridi to Pakistan cricket. But I think people need to understand that this is purely a disciplinary issue, he added. As the body managing cricket in the country we are duty bound to maintain discipline at all levels, said Ahmed. Pakistani media Thursday speculated Afridi will be fined Rs50 million and banned for 15 months. If the prediction is fulfilled it would be the second-heaviest punishment ever on a Pakistani cricketer, following a Rs7 million fine and 13 ODIs ban on Shoaib Akhtar in 2007.