Story of a crazy father

This was the dramatic moment when a crazed motorist staged a tense stand off with cops - by threatening his own daughter with a razor sharp samurai sword. The horrific scene was captured after Zhang Gang, 34, caused an accident with another car and instead of stopping to exchange details tried to speed off. But police who were in the area chased the hit and run motorist - finally stopping him 15 minutes later just outside a farmers market at Yongren country, in Yunan province. Zhang, who was with his wife Lu and daughter May in the car, refused to surrender and demanded police get out of the way. Local farmer Lu Yin said: 'I heard the car coming at speed and then slam on the brakes when two police cars blocked the road. Then this man leapt out carrying a huge sword and waving what I thought was a doll. But then I realised it was a little child. She seemed shocked but then she started crying when she heard her daddy shouting. Lu added, 'He had the razor sharp sword at her chest the whole time and was shouting 'Let me go or Ill kill her I swear it - I will show no mercy. Then he climbed back in the car with the kid and still with the sword at her chest demanded he be allowed to drive off. But a trained police negotiator was soon on the scene and started speaking to the road rage dad and several of his relatives were also sent over - allowing specially trained officers to get into position and storm the vehicle - freeing the little girl unharmed. Witness Lu Yin said: 'They were talking to him for an hour to calm him down - but the operation to free the girl was over in seconds. BIN

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