Congratulations on a bold editorial of June 1 which presented things exactly as they were and drew the right conclusion. In a very systematic manner, the Americans and their accomplices violate our sovereignty and watch our reaction. Seeing no reaction, or at best very weak reaction, they are encouraged and make further moves. So, the Americans keep advancing and we, with the familiar timidity of our leaders, keep retreating and that is what has been going on for a long time. We learnt through the American press that Barack Obama had ordered a bigger team to carry out the Abbottabd operation in case there was a resistance from Pakistan but we proved him wrong, by offering no resistance. Obama also said that these were very tense moments of his life but would perhaps know now that he had nothing to worry about. Also, Americans feared we could hand over the tail section of the damaged helicopter to the Chinese and the US demanded the return of the wreckage. We returned the wreckage without any problem and also allowed them to examine the Osamas house again as well as to interview the widows. This subservient attitude is only encouraging the Americans and their hunting dogs to become ever-more belligerent, which hey are displaying through their attitude. There was this Abottabad operation. Then two NATO helicopters violated our airspace and on being warned through rifle shots, attacked our check-post and injured our soldiers. A flag meeting was called at which a strong protest was made and now two helicopters landed in North Waziristan and whisked away five men, as confirmed by the political agent. Our officials seem to have found an ideal way to deal with the violation, claiming it never happened and the American embassy says the same. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, June 2.