LAHORE Speakers at a ceremony have paid glowing tributes to a worker of Pakistan Movement and founder of Fatima Memorial System Begum Saida Waheed, saying that the simple and down to earth lady fulfilled dream of her father-in-law by working with devotion and dedication. Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal, TheNation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami, Prof Dr Tasneem, Mrs Laab Akhtar, Col (r) Manzoor, Ghulam Sabir Aziz, Usman Khalid Waheed, Yasmeen Zakki, Agha Zulfiqar, Surraya Alam, Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Dr Basharat Yousaf and Haroon Ehsan addressed the launching ceremony of autobiography of Begum Saida Waheed here at FMS Auditorium on Thursday. Nasira Javed Iqbal said that her mother Saida Waheed was a practical lady who worked with devotion and dedication to make FMH a success, a project dreamed by her (Saida)s father-in-law. She also praised her husband Dr Javed Iqbal for giving her courage to publish autobiography of her mother. She said that her mother wrote autobiography about ten years back and she obtained the entire script about five years ago but not getting courage to get it published. She said that late Saida Waheed and her colleagues who worked for the cause of establishing a state of the art healthcare centre were chief guests. Referring to the suggestion of Majid Nizami regarding decreasing bills for the poor, she said that majority of the patients were getting free treatment. Paying rich tributes to Saida Waheed, Majid Nizami said that the lady worked hard to make the dream of her father-in-law a reality. I know the family of Nasira Iqbal for years. Saida Waheedwas an institution making lady. She was a rare lady who remembered the dream of her father-in-law and devoted her life for the establishment and then for the improvement of FMH, Majid Nizami said, adding that after setting up hospital in Shadman, the lady worked for the establishment of medical and dental college and a nursing college in the same locality. He said that Saida Waheed was an eastern woman who got enormous experience and exposure through a lot of travelling. He also praised Qarshi family for its role in Pakistan Movement. He suggested Nasira Javed Iqbal to reduce cost of providing healthcare facilities to the poor and deserving people. Prof Tasneem said that Saida Hameed was an honest, simple and hardworking lady whose only passion was the success of FMS. I salute her and everybody should do that to pay tribute to a great lady, she said. Laab Akhtar said that Saida Hameed was friendly with workers and always took care about their needs. Col (r) Manzoor said that Saida Waheed was an extra ordinary woman who worked for the FMS throughout her life. Ghulam Sabir Aziz said that Saida Waheed was a lady with progressive thinking. She readily accepted the idea of converting a gynaecology hospital to a general healthcare centre and then mad sincere efforts for its success, he said. Usman Khalid Waheed, grandson of Saida Hameed, said that she always treat hospital like her children. He said that few more personalities like Saida Waheedcould take the nation out of prevailing chaos. Yasmeen Zakki said that Saida Waheed always treat every employee with love. Agha Zulfiqar said that she wore simple dress and shoes and spend maximum money on the hospital. Surraya Alam said that the FMH was the only passion of Saida Waheed. Iqbal Qarshi said that Saida Waheed was a loving, caring and sympathetic lady. Dr Basharat Yousaf said that Saida Waheed was having great passion to serve the humanity and she done great social work by establishing a hospital. Haroon Ehsan highlighted achievements of FMS and contribution of Saida Waheed for the cause.