LAHORE - The US is finding ways to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan but it cannot do so without help of Pakistan. The peace in the country cannot be established until the US withdrawal from the region. This was the upshot of the speakers at a meeting at Hamdard Shura. The meeting was organised at Hamdard Center and was addressed by SM Zafar, Bushra Rahman, Dr Rafiq Ahmed, Justice (r) Nasira Javaid Iqbal, Ahmed Awais, Gen (r) Dr Najeeb, Gen (r) Rahat Latif, Brig (r) Zafar Iqbal, Prof Hamayun Ehsan, Adeeb Jawaidani, Dr Kanwal Feroz and others. The speakers said the Pakistan Army had sacrificed more than 5, 000 lives for the establishment of peace in the country. They said when the Army and ISI interfered in politics, it was praised, and now when it stopped its interference, every one was criticising it. They said the government played irresponsible role vis--vis establishment of independent commission on Kharotabad incident. Talking about the economic conditions of the country, they said the government should minimise its expenditures and stop the ways of corruption for the betterment of the economy.