Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is in crisis again, is such news that is still a challenge for our national conscience for the last two decades. Corruption, Scandals, smuggling and mismanagement in its operations are the typical stories in the media about PIA since long. I vividly recall an article in one of our English papers sometimes published in 1993 about the losses faced by our national flag carrier airline.  

The learned author had mentioned that according to PIA rules and regulations its directors must be seven in number but, Mr. Nawaz Sharif appointed eleven directors, going against the rules and regulations. Then again in 1993, Nawaz Government issued licenses to 12 private air lines as a result PIA`s financial suffering started. A lower class employee was entitled to get about 40000 rupees per month as pay and perks. PIA staffs pay only 10 % fare for traveling by PIA <in 1980>. During the last twenty years, PIA is an unsolved national issue and during this period of time each successive government totally remained indifferent to this crucial national issue. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has once again decided to re-design its logo that requires big budget.  

PIA is going to commit a very shameful act by preferring a national animal as its new logo instead of our national flag. So far, the PIA has changed many times the design of its staffer’s uniform. In the past management always preferred a uniform that was prepared by British, French and Italian fashion designers instead of locally available cheap professional. PIA never advertises vacant posts---a crime PIA is still committing. It is easy to privatize PIA, PTCL and OGDCL instead of to re-organize these national assets. What went wrong with our collective wisdom, moral conscience and in particular our obligatory duties? 


Kurram Agency, may 7.