It is a historically attested fact that whenever money is made the top priority of any field, it flops magnificently. In Pakistan, money is the prime motivation for everything. Even a highly respected field like education is not spared. Due to a preconceived notion that municipal schools do not provide high-quality education, people tend to take admission to private institutions where they are forced to pay a large sum of money.

The devotion toward one country dies down in the early stages of education and what remains is only greed for money. A medical student who has spent heaps of money to become a doctor will not have any empathy for the poor but will see them as mere cattle. A government official will be more worried about lining his pockets with money instead of his country, thus giving rise to corruption. A student will study for the sake of status, power and money and will forget about the true purpose of education.

Selfishness and covetousness will reign supreme and a country’s interest will be the least of people’s concerns. This situation will only be described as bleak. The tables can be turned by increasing the quality of education in government schools and by changing people’s views regarding government educational institutions. The true essence of education should be taught to the students and love for the country should be prioritized above anything else.


Nankana Sahib.