LAHORE   -   Punjab Safe Cities Authority and National Highway & Motorway Police in collaboration with Atlas Honda on Thursday launched a campaign to raise awareness among road users in provincial capital. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness about the use of helmets, back view mirrors, head and tail lights, and indicators of bikes. At the start of the campaign, road users were given guidance on PSCA accidental camera footage for awareness purposes.

The motorcyclists were also briefed about other safety tips necessary while riding a bike. Motorcyclists were briefed to install a back view mirror, drive at a slow pace at the extreme left of the road, avoid using a mobile phone and triple riding. Later on, back view mirrors were installed for motorcyclists and safety helmets were distributed among the road users. While launching the “Road Safety Awareness Campaign”, Director Public Relations PSCA Tauseef Gondal said that in Pakistan thousands of people died every year in road crashes and motorcyclists were major contributors to them, adding that motorcyclists should use side-view mirrors and helmets to avoid fatal accidents.