Hegemonic Ambitions

Just recently, India announced the idea of Akhand Bharat, meaning Greater India. As part of this initiative, the BJP government installed a mural at a new parliament building in New Delhi that stands as a representation of its hegemonic ambitions as it includes parts of Pakistan—those deemed to fit into the larger narrative of ‘greater India’—as well. The Foreign Office (FO) was quick to issue a statement condemning this development, and highlighting the peacemaking role that a state like India should adopt instead. While this is well and good, it is essential that we have the support of the international community as well.
FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch did well to highlight India’s expansionist mindset through their ideology of a ‘greater India’ and the construction of a mural—a building that mourns the loss of territory and, when taken in conjunction with Akhand Bharat, promises to take it back. Already, there have been countless reports on the various ways in which the Indian state is not only repressive towards its minorities, but also pursues its agenda against Pakistan through Kashmir. Just recently, news about the capture of Yasin Malik, a prominent Kashmiri leader, made headlines because he was being held on fabricated charges and was being denied the right to trial. According to updates, the state is also seeking the death penalty for Mr Malik on trumped up charges, and it is only the judiciary that has been standing in the way of this gross injustice.
Let’s take a moment to recognise that these are actions of what is considered to be the largest democracy in the world. India presents itself as a global leader and despite this, somehow the international community has still not mustered the courage to address the claims or evidence that Pakistan has put out highlighting the problematic path that it is on. All we get are condemnations, but no significant action is taken against the country and now, with new ideological bearings introduced, the threat of conflict is bound to increase more.
We have been playing our part, and will continue to in the future as well, in highlighting all the injustices done but at some point, the world must also wake up and acknowledge the façade that the country has put up for decades.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt