PCF Secretary stresses vital role of cycling on World Bicycle Day

LAHORE-The Secretary General of the Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF), Moazzam Khan Klair, emphasized the immense importance of World Bicycle Day in promoting the crucial role of cycling in tackling various global challenges. 
Speaking about the efforts of Pakistan Cycling Federation President Syed Azhar Ali Shah and himself in the PCF as Secretary General, Moazzam Klair highlighted the positive impact cycling can have on health, the environment, and traffic congestion in Pakistan.
He stated, “Cycling in Pakistan has the potential to effectively address health issues by encouraging physical activity, combat environmental degradation by reducing carbon emissions, and contribute to controlling traffic congestion. The commendable efforts of President Syed Azhar Ali Shah and the PCF are instrumental in promoting cycling as a viable solution.”
He further explained, “Promoting cycling as a mode of transport can help conserve fuel and reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. By focusing on these aspects, Pakistan can witness improvements in public health, environmental sustainability, and resource conservation.”
Moazzam Khan Klair’s remarks highlight the multifaceted benefits of cycling and shed light on its potential to bring about positive change in Pakistan. World Bicycle Day serves as a reminder of the importance of this sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation in addressing global challenges.

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