Transgender persons  

There are a significant number of transgender individuals in the world, including in Pakistan. Unfortunately, they often suffer due to poverty and unemployment. These individuals face a great deal of hardship simply because of their transgender identity. When we venture outside, it is evident that many transgender people are forced to beg because they have nowhere else to turn. They endure terrible conditions and lack proper support. Society has abandoned them and denied them equal rights solely based on their gender identity. Moreover, acts of violence against them are alarmingly prevalent. This state of affairs is deeply concerning, and I believe measures should be taken to alleviate their suffering.

Numerous individuals face discrimination due to their gender identity or for not conforming to the societal majority. As a nation, we should acknowledge their existence and grant them equal rights because they too are human beings who deserve to live with dignity. Discrimination on these grounds should not be tolerated. In 2009, Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered the government to ensure equal rights for transgender individuals. The number of transgender individuals in Pakistan is substantial, and it is crucial to recognize that being transgender is not their fault. I firmly believe that they should be treated equally and granted the same rights as any other member of society. We need to address this issue and learn from countries in the West, where every individual is afforded the human rights they deserve.

To conclude, I strongly advocate for the passing of a law in the assembly to grant transgender individuals equal rights, without any exceptions.



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