Republic of absurdity

Should the international community come forward at this time to tell India to dismantle this Republic of Absurdity for the sake of international peace?

While post Pulwama tensions in Indo-Pak contexts have brought both states to the brink of a nuclear Armageddon, Araundhati Roy in her piece published in Huffington Post on 1st March has stated that Modi with his reckless “pre-emptive” strike on Balakot has drawn two nuclear powers into a serious conflict and as a result internationalized the issue of Kashmir as major international stake holders have jumped in to make sure entire South Asia does not go up in flame.

Pakistan’s response was measured, resolute and sure footed, PAF struck back within 24 hours in broad daylight, engaging Indian Air Force in a bold and audacious manoeuvre, making sure that the trophy (Wing Commander Abhinanadan) is handed over to India through Wagah Border with honour.

Indian people addicted to post-truth perception management by the “Republic of Absurdity”(with jokers like Arnab Goswami heading the cabal), did not realize that war and Bollywood are two different species and the rude shock delivered by the real top gun of PAF, Squadron Leader Hasan (that created paralysis in Indian politico-military leadership) was a reality. Before I miss the important point, Squadron Leader Hasan and the few PAF top guns of his team may be remembered in history as those peace warriors who saved South Asia from a nuclear disaster.

Coming to the role of segment of RSS sponsored Indian media, which I call the “Republic of Absurdity”. TV channels like Republic TV, Times Now, ABP Ananda and Zee TV form this quad. These channels have been probably commissioned to run the Hindutva Agenda of RSS and their main constituency are the Bhakts and Cow Vigilantes. This Republic of Absurdity keeps the Bhakts and ‘Patriots’ in an absurd and make belief world of fantasy, and its jingoistic tone is one reason India and Pakistan have reached the brink of nuclear Armageddon today.

While saner voices within liberal and secular segment of Indian media have been pushed back by this Republic of Absurdity, it is unfortunate that the International community and western media has not realized the danger posed by Hindutva flag bearers to peace of the region. Should the international community come forward at this time to tell India to dismantle this Republic of Absurdity for the sake of international peace? I leave it to the so called globalists and humanists of western world, who have encouraged India for the sake of commercial interests.

Some questions for Indian and international community:

If it was apolitical decision by Doval-Modi cabal of RSS goons holding the Rajpath to push South Asia to the brink of nuclear disaster and sacrifice the Indian Military on the altar of dirty politics based on fake agenda of Hindutva, why did the international community remain quiet when India brazenly violated Pakistan’s sovereignty by sending their planes to hit Balakot in KP?

Did America wink India to go ahead, and why lives of 1.75 billion South Asians have been put at stake to satisfy the ego of a megalomaniac and narcissist head honcho of RSS?

Although, Pakistan’s 27th February defensive strike has taken out most of the air of Indian arrogance and aggression in the wake of shooting down/arrest of Indian Air force pilot, Indian deep state and Modi government will only opt for “de-escalation of the situation if P-5 countries (specially the USA China and Russia) and other players like KSA and Turkey meaningfully intervene and engage India through active diplomacy.

India knows, they got a bloody nose, look at body language of their Generals and Air Marshals presented like sacrificial lambs in front of media, now contrast with body language of DGISPR, you will get the answers.

Conclusion, Modi used his military for political gains, got them disgraced and committed political suicide.

The space for limited war under nuclear overhang that India claimed and thought could span ten days has now shrunk to 48 hours. Doval-Modi circus has drawn US, China, Russia, KSA, Turkey into mediation, that’s what deterrence is, even if there is an egoistic leader like Modi, ruling the Rajpath, entire international community will have to jump in after 48 hours, re-establishing nuclear deterrence, no one wants that the whole region goes up in smoke.

Tail Piece:

What do you do with 3rd largest military in the world, if it cannot be allowed to fight for more than 48 hours?


Award Param Vir Chakra to Wing Commander Abhi and make another block buster in Bollywood titled “Abhi To Party Shurroo Hoi Hai”

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