KARACHI - In an act of bravery, a shopkeeper ambushed and rounded up an armed robber in Karachi’s Gulbhar Colony on Wednesday.  As the police have failed to control the increasing street crimes in Karachi, the masses have started to confront them by themselves. In a CCTV footage, a robber can be seen entering a shop with a gun in Ceramic Market in Gulbhar Firdous Colony. After pointing a gun at three men sitting in the shop, the robbers demanded cash and other valuables from them. Later, the brave man ambushes the gunman and manages to grab him with the help of two other men. The enraged men handed over the robber to the police after viciously torturing him. Earlier, a college-going student was shot dead by dacoits on seeing a robbery in Landhi.



The robbery incident took place in the Landhi 36-B area of Karachi when a student named Usman, who was present there, came under attack. Usman’s friend had said he was getting ready for college when he heard the fire sound, he rushed to the gate of the house and saw Usman lying there.