Dar lays blame for economic mess at Imran's door

 Finance Minister Ishaq Dar schooled on Friday Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, saying the country was facing severe challenges due to the latter’s "cheap" politics. 

Addressing a press conference, the finance czar took a dig at the deposed premier, saying, "Imran wants to see the country go into default. But the country will not default at any cost." Mr Dar asked Mr Khan to take care of the country instead of doing politics.

Mr Dar went on to say that there had been a quiet debate going on since yesterday, adding that today was the day to tell Mr Khan the truth. He accused Mr Khan of country's economic woes, adding that now his arguments were quite shocking.

Admitting the country had to face severe damage due to the recent flash floods, he said wheat and pulses were being imported.

Recounting the GDP in PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s tenure and Mr Khan’s era, Mr Dar said, "In our previous regime, the GDP was 5.4 per cent. It decreased to 3.5 per cent in Imran Khan’s tenure." 

Continuing to berate the PTI chief, Mr Dar said, "Due to the mismanagement and bad governance of Imran Khan, the country had to face severe economic hardships."

Speaking about inflation, Mr Dar said, "The entire world is witnessing inflation. Imran is also aware of the global situation."

On Thursday, Mr Dar lambasted PTI Chairman Imran Khan, saying the latter was responsible for economic woes. 

Taking to Twitter, Mr Dar lashed out at the deposed premier, saying, “Only Imran Khan had dragged the country to the quagmire.” Continuing to berate Mr Khan, Mr Dar said, “Thanks be to Allah Almighty that the country got rid of Imran Khan.”

Claiming that the government was trying its all-out efforts to undo the incompetence of Mr Khan, Mr Dar vowed to announce good news for the masses soon in connection with the country’s economy.

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