Charsadda’s rice attract food enthusiasts despite cold wave

PESHAWAR   -   A unique vari­ety of rice, known as ‘Mota Chawal’ from Charsadda, became the talk of Peshawar Valley, attracting food enthusiasts despite the prevailing cold wave. 

In the heart of Firdus, Pesha­war, rice lovers gathered at out­lets to savor the distinctive taste of this special variety, many opting to take home parcels to enjoy dur­ing the ongoing rainy weather. Re­tired teacher Pir Muhammad from Nowshera expressed his fondness, highlighting the flavorful and fill­ing experience of Charsadda’s mota chawal paired with grilled, spicy meat. Notably, Qissa Khwani remains a preferred spot for in­dulging in this mouthwatering cuisine, with takeout being a pop­ular choice for families. Pesha­war, known for its hospitality, witnessed an influx of foodies em­bracing traditional Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa cuisines, including Mota Chawal, Chapli Kabab, Roush, Mut­ton Karahi, Pate Tikka, and Chick­en Painda. The popularity ex­tended beyond Firdus to Board, Namak Mandi, Qissa Khwani, and along the GT road between Pesha­war-Charsadda-Mardan.

Vendors, carrying on the leg­acy, showcased Mota Chawal on both sides of the GT road, contin­uing the tradition of its prepara­tion. Riaz Khan, a seller at Pabbi bazaar, explained the meticulous process, emphasizing the blend of spices, slow cooking, and the gold­en-brown perfection of the rice. This culinary art, passed down through generations, remains a staple in KP restaurants, drawing food enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

Hazrat Ullah, a shopkeeper at Fir­dos bazaar, highlighted the nation­wide appeal of Mota Chawal and Chapli Kabab, especially during the winter, as patrons seek the purity of meat and freshness of ingredients. The rainy weather also boosted the sales of other traditional dish­es like Mutton Karahi, Dumba Kara­hi, Balti Ghost, and Dumpukhat Ka­rahi. For Kamal Khan of Nowshera, the allure of Charsadda Mota Chawal lies not only in its exquisite taste but also in its affordability. Preferred by low-income groups for various cel­ebrations, including marriages and birthday parties, this culinary gem continues to captivate the hearts and palates of many.

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