Police arrest suspects involved in Rs60m theft

ABBOTTABAD  -  Mirpur Police in Abbot­tabad apprehended un­identified suspects linked to theft cases amounting to more than 60 million rupees across three sep­arate incidents. 

The stolen items have been successfully recov­ered, marking a major stride in law enforcement efforts. Deputy Superin­tendent Police (DSP) Cir­cle Mirpur Saraj Khan and SHO Asim Bukhari disclosed this during a press conference. They further revealed that the suspects planned thefts of valuable assets, amounting to millions of rupees, from the res­idence of Malik Tanveer in Bilqiaz Town Abbotta­bad back in January. Fol­lowing the registration of the cases, a collaborative investigative team, led by DSP Saraj Khan, pursued the leads, resulting in the arrest of the unidentified perpetrators.

During the investiga­tion, one suspect, iden­tified as Noshir son of Mumtaz and a resident of Battagram, was appre­hended. Subsequently, another suspect, Osman son of Rasool resident of Mirpur, was also brought into custody. Police also seized a significant num­ber of stolen goods from the possession of the sus­pects, including 14 valu­able watches, two rings, two high-value pens, a laptop, and a bag con­taining items worth mil­lions of rupees, among other items.

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