Russia corruption secret link expose: Njord Partners executive deletes Pro-Russia account

A senior executive of the private equity firm, Njord Partners, has de­activated his X (former­ly known as Twitter) account after an inves­tigation found that his firm has been awarded Russian state contracts from agencies con­trolled by sanctioned in­dividuals, including an ally of Vladimir Putin. The investigation by the Telegraph newspaper established that Arvid Trolle, who is partner and co-founder of Njord Partners LLP, used his X account full time to run anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian propaganda on the social media profile, (@arvidherluf). Essen­tially, the propaganda that Arvid Trolle ran backed the Russian nar­rative. Since the investi­gation came out, earlier this week, and was pub­lished worldwide, Arvid Trolle has taken off his social media account to make it inaccessible. 

The investigation found that Arvid Trolle - the co-owner of RETN’s primary institutional investor, Njord Partners was posting content on his X profile attacking Ukraine and President Zelensky using his ac­count. Trolle’s partner at Njord Partners, Jakob Kjellberg, is currently the Chairman of RETN.

RETN Capital, which provides services across Europe, claims to have limited its ex­posure to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine and complied with sanctions, but instead its revenue from the country has rocketed since the war began, partly driven by con­tracts from sanctioned state entities, accord­ing to a report in the Daily Telegraph. One of Arvid Trolle X repost stated: “Ukraine has al­ways been a very dodgy place, run by friends of the globalists like Hunt­er Bider where incred­ibly shifty goes on”. Ar­vid Trolle also reposted: “Why is no one stating the obvious? Zelensky has regime-ending dirt on Biden and other Western leaders who have used Ukraine as their corruption play­ground for decades.”

Arvid Trolle, a for­mer Oaktree Capital executive who donated £20,000 to Conser­vative MP Priti Patel when she was UK Home Secretary, also posted conspiracy theories on his X account, the Tele­graph reported.

The profile (@arvid­herluf)is no more avail­able and a source at X confirmed the account was deactivated after RETN’s Russia secret links were exposed and Arvid Trolle’s campaign in support of the Rus­sian regime and against the Ukraine were re­vealed. Russia has launched a brutal war on Ukraine for over two years, killing thousands of innocent locals.

RETN’s wholly owned Russian subsidiary re­ceived contracts from state entities which have been sanctioned since the war in Ukraine, according to Interfax-Spark, a database of of­ficial contracts.

In December 2022, RETN’s Russian arm won a contract with the Kurchatov Insti­tute, a Russian state-controlled aviation re­search agency which is sanctioned by the UK and US. Its general director Mikhail Kov­alchuk and his brother Yury, a close ally of Pres­ident Putin, are subject to sanctions by the UK, Canada and Ukraine.

Two months later RETN was awarded a contract with the Rus­sian State Enterprise Fuel and Energy Com­plex of St Petersburg – known as GUP TEK. Both GUP TEK and its general director, Ivan Bolten­kov, are sanctioned by Ukraine. RETN’s ties with the Russian state and sanctioned agen­cies are also apparent in the company’s 2022 fi­nancial statements, the newspaper reported. One of the main custom­ers of RETN’s Russian subsidiary is PJSC Ros­telecom, which is par­tially state-owned.

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