‘Unsuccess’ story of Pakistani entrepreneur

Success, what does it smell like?

In the culture of developing countries, success is to seize a government job (Sarkari Naukri). No matter whether it pays $170 a month or $300. Success is securing one for you by earning a degree (Masters, MPhil, or even PhD). You dare not consider this path, get ready to be labeled unsuccessful. Thus, below is the story of such an ‘unsuccessful’ person.

HE = Engineer, SHE = Doctor

It doesn’t matter what interests a child. If the child is he, he must study Maths to become an engineer. If the child is she, she is born to become a doctor. That's IT! No BS!

According to the Pakistan Engineering Council, there are 260,000 registered engineers in Pakistan. Out of which, 50,000 are unemployed. (PEC Report March-2019)

Abdullah Asim - Co-founder Coboot Media

Now that you know what does it take to become a successful person, let’s read the ‘unsuccessful story’ of a young thriver from a remote area of Pakistan. This post goes to Abdullah Asim, cofounder of Coboot Media & a Digital Marketing expert.

Just like any other Pakistani teen, Abdullah was bound to attend the school so he might hold a government office. Though the conventional studies didn’t interest him at all, he still kept attending the school with zero hearts.

There was no way out because he had to prove his worth to the world by showing that he could land a Govt job.

Miracles Happen for those who Believe!

But then a miracle happened, his creativity came in and created a wholly novel way for his life.

Yes, the internet was emanating when this boy started using Facebook. Tweaking with Facebook pages, he came to know that these are huge audience-bases and he could earn money with them. So, a smart move by our hero, he kept using the internet plus attended the school at the same time.

The idea he had in mind was that once he becomes proficient and confident enough, he would leave the college and focus on his digital marketing career.

Allah helps those, who help themselves.

Create with Enthusiasm

He continued his struggle and finally convinced his family that his passions do not sync with conventional education. Having wings of creativity and enthusiasm, he was not meant for crawling.

Finally, the family was convinced after seeing that the guy was making some real green. In his teenage, he bought his first car and kept the journey going. He didn’t stop learning and kept continuously growing as a social media beast.

And today!

Believing in the best, he continued expanding his business. Owing to his expertise in social media, the top Pakistani celebrities started collaborating with him. You must have heard of Iqrar Ul Hassan, check it out what he says about Abdullah Asim.

Similarly, he is also helping Professor Dr Javed Iqbal, ex Principal QAMC Bahawalpur, to motivate the youth of the nation. Many of your favorites such as Waqar Zaka, Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik have worked with him to sort their social media stuff out.

Unsuccessful yet Successful

He is truly an inspiration for the youth. He failed to become ‘successful’ according to society’s standards. Yet he has succeeded to do what most so-called ‘successful’ never dream of.

Follow your heart, trust your instincts, never ever settle for less!

Tahira Jalal Haqqani

The writer is a member of staff 

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