My name is Arooj Naveed and I am a student. I live in Lahore. Through the column of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the government to the problem of the cleanness of roads and streets in the Dharampura area. The hacks of garbage and mess are lying everywhere here. There is a lot of pollution because of sewerage water which has been spread over roads because of blockage in the gutter system. The smell is also very nauseating. The garbage and the water from the boiling gutters are causing Malaria and other diseases. Moreover, there has been a hub of mosquitoes which cause dengue fever. This unwanted water also causes difficulty in crossing roads, especially for students.

The garbage is not removed on regular bases due to which it becomes more and more and then it becomes a base of problems for all the citizens. The government clean holders and sweepers have not been seen here for months. I had complained about this many times before as well but no action has been taken.

I also want to highlight that there must be awareness campaigns for people for keeping their environment and streets clean. They need to use plastic papers or bags to throw out their waste and garbage. By taking small steps, we could make our environment and areas clean, which will lead to better hygiene as well.

I hope you will understand what I want to say and will publish my views in your newspaper.