I want you to pay attention towards the condition of hospital in the area I live. My village name is Walgun Sohail and the hospital there is in miserable condition. The walls and roof of hospital has fallen down and there is no medical material to help the patient i.e., machinery, bandages, medicines etc. Doctor came here and after completing his work hours left the hospital. As village is far away from city, so it takes time to bring patient to the city hospital. To remove this undesirable situation, I request the following steps:

  1. The government herself should take notice of hospital condition and direct the health department to improve the hospital condition.
  2. Proper machinery and emergency medical material should be provided in the hospital.

The case is of vital importance because it concerns the general betterment. I hope that something will be done immediately to improve the hospital condition and it will meet the standard of general hospitals.


Nankana Sahib.