LAHORE  -   Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, the Vice-Chancellor of Government College University (GCU), Lahore and his wife Sunday worked as volunteers with a team of the University student society Hifz-e-Rizq at Iftar Dastarkhwan for labourers.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor said: “We’re very proud that the GCU student society has worked with renowned NGO Rizq and arranged Iftar for labourers and others at E-Library, Qaddafi Stadium during the whole month of Ramazan.” He added: “To appreciate the effort of our students, I and my wife have joined the team Hifz-e-Rizq and volunteers and participated in the operational activities and tried to render our services with full zeal and zest.” Dr Zaidi encouraged youth to work as volunteers for RIZQ and asked them to utilize their full potential and energies for such noble causes. He advised them to encourage other youngsters to join them as volunteers. He expressed his wish to organise Iftar Dastarkhwan at the GCU campus as well in the upcoming Ramazan. The Vice-Chancellor also distributed gifts among the leads of Iftar Dastarkhwan, including Syed Asad Ali, Ms Hafsa, Ms Fajar and Hassam-ul-Haq, as a token of appreciation for their relentless efforts and dedication to this cause in the Holy month of Ramazan.