| PTI chief claims Rebecca Grant’s remarks vindicated his stance


ISLAMABAD   -   Former prime minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan Monday claimed that US defence analyst Dr Rebecca Grant’s remarks in a Fox News show vindicated his stance that his government was dislodged through a US-sponsored foreign conspiracy.

Soon after a video-clip of the Fox News went viral on social media, Khan in a series of tweets followed by a video message said that if anyone had any doubts about “US regime change conspiracy”, the video should “remove all doubts as to why a democratically elected PM and his government were removed.”

“Clearly the US wants an obedient puppet as PM who will not allow Pak choice of neutrality in a European war; a PM who will be obedient to US demands; who will not sign agreements with Russia & who will downgrade our strategic partnership with China,” he said while giving reference to the election of Shehbaz Sharif as the prime minister of the country during last month.

“If a PM asserts Pak’s sovereignty & an independent foreign policy, he will be removed & a subservient, crooked PM like Shehbaz Sharif will be brought in.”

On April 10, the National Assembly voted Imran Khan out after his coalition government lost its majority in the lower house of the parliament. Before and after his ouster from power, Khan has been claiming that a US-sponsored conspiracy was hatched against his government and has been giving the reference of a controversial diplomatic cable, sent by then Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington to Foreign Office, as the primary evidence of his removal through an alleged foreign conspiracy.

“After this reaffirmation of US regime change conspiracy that was evident from the cipher message sent by our Envoy in Washington conveying State Dept Lu’s threat, it is surely duty of CJP to form Commission to hold public hearings on who all were involved here in this conspiracy,” he said in another tweet.

He also asked the Biden Administration whether it believed that it has lessened or increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan by indulging in a “regime change conspiracy.”

Separately, in a video message, Chairman PTI Khan said that he had sensitised the nation that his government was removed through a “very big foreign conspiracy.”

“We told everyone that it is clear in the cable that a foreign conspiracy was hatched abroad against Pakistan’s democracy and government.” Khan said that prominent journalists, then leaders of opposition and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif himself at that time had claimed that the cable was a fake.

“Later … Everyone accepted that the cable is real,” he said.

Imran said the US analyst now had elaborated that the US removed Pakistan’s prime minister because he was trying to formulate an independent foreign policy and remaining neutral in the war between Russia and Ukraine. I was busy in broadening relations with China and talking about trade with Russia which would have benefitted Pakistan, he said while referring to the days of his premiership. Russia was ready to give Pakistan wheat and oil at 30 per cent reduced prices, he added.

He said that it was now clear that the regime was changed so that the new prime minister should follow all their instructions. PM Shehbaz would sacrifice Pakistan’s interests only to benefit US foreign policy, he said and added that they would have to limit the country’s relations with China and would not do any trade with Russia.

The PTI chairman said that he had written to the chief justice of Pakistan and President to hold an investigation into the matter of diplomatic cable. The Supreme Court should hold open hearings to expose the foreign conspiracy, he said.

“When these investigations start, it will be found who committed treason with this country.” Khan said. He said that this “mafia led government” should be ashamed for registering blasphemy cases against them. “In fact, treason cases should be registered against them.”

He reiterated his call to his supporters and the nation to come out in protest on “chand raat” on the eve of Eidul Fitr with flags to show everyone within the country as well as abroad that Pakistanis want “real independence and are not ready to be anyone’s slaves. “Slavery is rejected and this government is rejected.”

He asked his supporters that all of you would have to come out for “Pakistan’s future, an independent Pakistan.”

Responding to the host’s question that what the US message to Pakistan should be, Dr Grant in the show said, “Pakistan needs to support Ukraine, stop looking for deals with Russia right now, limit their involvement with China, and stop the anti-American policies that are part of the reason that Imran Khan, the prime minister, got voted out of office a couple of weeks ago.”