LARKANA - President, Pakistan Peoples Party, Sindh, and Senator-elect Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Monday accused Imran Khan of getting foreign funds and said that Khan was talking about ending of the PTI government under foreign conspiracy, and was now receiving foreign funding for spreading chaos, unrest and civil war in the country which could be a conspiracy against Pakistan, so institutions should check Imran Khan’s use of foreign funds.

Khuhro expressed these views while talking to party workers at his residence in Larkana. Khuhro alleged that those who funding Imran Khan belonged to Israel, India and Russia, adding what could be the purpose of foreign funders. He said that there was no foreign fundraising law for any political party in Pakistan, however, political parties were required to submit all the funds’ details to the Election Commission, but Imran Khan had hidden the details of the funds.

The PTI wants to exert pressure on the Election Commission and the Chief Election Commissioner to withhold the decision on the foreign funding case, Khuhro said.






He said that Imran Khan can do anything to hide his theft. Nisar said that it would not matter if Imran Khan gathered the people in Islamabad, and after the election reforms, elections will take place so that no party can put a finger on the elections, like the 18rth Amendment, Khuhro added.


The PPP provincial chief said that Imran Khan wanted to re-enter the government through engineered elections and rigging so all sources of engineered elections would now be eliminated. He said that Imran Khan wanted to put pressure on the Election Commission and the government through the robbery so that engineered elections through RTS and AVM could be held so that he can come back to power but this would not happen.  He said Imran Khan is now begging Asif Ali Zardari to get NRO but Imran Khan will not get NRO, Khuhro claimed.


He said that strict action should be taken against the abusers of the holy places. “We will not tolerate contempt of religion and the Constitution,” he said. He said that Imran Khan hadd become a follower of Hitler and Yazid because of his religion and he wanted only power to rule the country to handle the politics of chaos, unrest and lies but his conspiracy would never succeed. Khuhro said that Imran Khan is the most devout and he is now running a Farah Gogi rescue campaign to save himself. He said that Imran Khan had earned millions of rupees by purchasing gifts from Tosha Khana on cheaper rates and sold them at higher prices in the market and robbed millions of rupees adding he also took costly BMW vehicles with him hence he will have to be made accountable for the thefts, Khuhro added.