KARACHI - The Mutahidda Quami Movement (Pakistan) has finalised three names for the office of Sindh Governor.

Sources revealed on Monday that the MQM-P had finalised names of Nasreen Jalil, Waseem Akhtar and Amir Chishti for the gubernatorial post of Sindh.

Sources informed that all the matters relating to the names for governorship were in the final stage with the federal government and the latter was seriously considering on the names suggested by the MQM-P.

The present government sought the support of erstwhile PTI government’s ally - MQM - for the success of its no-confidence motion against then premier Imran Khan. The crucial support enabled the PML-N and other political parties to successfully dislodge the previous regime at Centre.

In return, the MQM presented a list of its demands to then joint opposition which also included governorship of the province.