ISLAMABAD - The Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) has welcomed the move to amend the directory retirement rules by the authorities concerned.

According to an official source, a ministerial committee has been constituted of Minister for Law and Justice, Minister for Climate change and Minister for Railways and Aviation to revisit the Civil servants (Directory retirement from service) rules 2020.

The cabinet has directed that all proceedings under the civil servants (Directory retirement from service) rules 2020 be suspended till the recommendations of the ministerial committee are received and approved.

The PTI government introduced the Civil Servants (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules, 2020 to force retirement of officers who had earned three average performance evaluation reports (PERs), twice not recommended for promotion, found guilty of corruption or guilty of conduct unbecoming.

For the purpose of implementing new rules, ministries, divisions have been directed to prepare lists of civil servants

For the purpose of implementing the new rules, the ministries and divisions were directed to prepare lists of civil servants who have completed twenty years service and fall in the category of directory retirement which had created unrest among the civil servants and uncertainty emerged over the future of the employees who have earned three average PERs.

The President of FGCTA Dr Rahima Rahman said, ‘This was our demand that the directory retirement rules should be amended because these rules were framed in an arbitrary manner.

There are many shortcomings in these rules which might harm the efficient teachers.

If any officer had underperformed in the initial stage of his/her service but later, improved his or her performance, it is unfair to send him/her on directory retirement due to poor performance of two decades ago even if he or she has been performing excellently for the last fifteen years or more.