Ramadan Bazar is being hosted these days on jail road due to which the main road is closed by tents. There’s a dirty drain on one side and the other side is also blocked by wires. The main traffic can’t pass away from that half-kilometre road and people are forced to use substitute ways.

Bikes may pass from the narrow streets of Ichra by disturbing the residential areas but cars need to use another way which is too long just to meet the other half of the road it consumes too much time and fuel. This road connects with the two main hospitals in the city; one is Punjab mental health hospital and the other is Punjab cardiology so mostly the patients are disturbed while trying to reach the hospital on the time.

There is a jail on this road which has its own crowd which is why most of the time, the road is jammed for several hours. The only solution is to make a proper way on the road for the traffic or at least remove the tents in the evening. I request the Punjab government to keep an eye on this matter.