Fans react to Imran-Reham divorce

Young men of Lahore are getting ready to compete with another creepy rich elderly playboy in the city’s dating scene after Imran Khan announced he was divorcing his journalist wife Rehman Khan. This is the first divorce of its kind since Russian president Vladimir Putin separated from his wife in 2003.
Here is how his fans reacted.

– “At least he got married and divorced twice, unlike you, who hasn’t even been married once. You are in no position to make fun of Imran Khan.” – Raju Rabbit (Rajanpur)
– “In my opinion it is a good thing that he got divorced. Marriage is not an easy thing. Now that Imran Khan is no longer married, he can at least spend some time with the people he loves.” – Naughty Nasreen (Nankana)
– “Although it is his personal matter, I think the divorce came at a bad time in his political career. He will not be able to blame his party’s astonishing defeat in the local council elections in Punjab and Sindh on a bad marriage.” – Babbu Bicycle (Burewala)
– “All I can say is that it must not have been true love. Love is when two people become one, and not even the most adverse of conditions can separate them. You cannot find true love. True love finds you.” – Liaquat Laash (Liaquatpur)
– “Imran Khan is a second rate leader who has no vision and no ideology. And let me tell you, no matter how many times he marries and divorces, he cannot compete with our leader.” – Mian Channu (Mian Channu)
– “This divorce will come as a blessing in disguise for Imran Khan’s political party. In the absence of Reham Khan, there will be one more empty chair on the stage next to Imran Khan’s. That means one more top leader of the PTI will get to sit close to Imran Khan. The development is expected to reduce the number of internal rivalries in the party by one.” – Mureed K (Muridke)
– “There is no problem that cannot be solved by sitting on the dialogue table and deciding after a long argument to agree to disagree.” –Lala Musa (Lala Musa)
– “At least this development proves that Imran Khan and Reham Khan actually did not know each other before they got married. This should come as a slap in the face of their critics.” – Safdar (Sadiqabad)
– “All in all, I believe this was a good political decision. We have to admit that Imran Khan has matured as a politician over the years since his days in the cricket team. It is not wise to fight a battle that one is bound to lose.” – Sadiq (Safdarabad)
– “Having stayed together for 10 months, they have disproven the gross rumors that it was a shotgun wedding. Those who spread such misleading lies should be ashamed of themselves now.” – Kamal Khan (Kamalia)
– “They are blessed that at least they had each other to share this painful moment with.” –Parveen Pastry (Pir Mahal)
– “An Indian director is preparing to make a movie on Imran Khan’s life. I believe this development is good in the sense that he will have more material to work with.” – Dadan Khan (Pind Dadan Khan)
– “At least they will both find their shampoo where they left it, and the soda can in their fridge will not magically disappear.” –Didar Singh (Qila Didar Singh)
– “I believe the primary reason behind this sad divorce between Imran Khan and Reham Khan was their marriage. If they had not married, they would not have to get divorced today.” – Arif (Arifwala)
– “You can’t blame them. I suppose when your kids are already grown, there are no real reasons to continue to be in a marriage.” – Rahim Yar (Rahim Yar Khan)
– “That is the problem with this modern notion of love marriage. Imran Khan should let his family decide which woman would be the best for him.” –Alamgir (Sarai Alamgir)
– “This time the PTI sit-in should be in Lahore. Perhaps the outcome will be different?” – Tek Singh (Toba Tek Singh)
– “The next time he gets married, I really hope that he wears a Sherwani that fits properly and is of a more decent color.” – Jalal Jutt (Jalalpur Jattan)

The author has a degree in Poetics of Prophetic Discourse and works as a Senior Paradigm Officer. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter 

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