Imran from long march to long sit-in plan

ISLAMABAD     -     The threat of PTI Chairman Imran
Khan to extend his anti-government movement for the next ten
months has initiated a new debate whether Imran Khan would
be able to break his previous anti-government
demonstration, which he incidentally set against
the then PML-N government.
Once again, PML-N is facing almost the same
challenges against its government set by Imran
Khamn in the past. In 2014, the PTI Chairman had
held a marathon sit-in of 126 days by demanding a resignation of former prime minister Nawaz
Sharif which he ended in the wake of the Peshawar
army school massacre.
Though the wish of Imran against another former prime minister Nawaz Sharif could not be fulfilled despite the marathon sit-in in 2014, yet the
PTI gained much popularity in this episode. Later, the country’s top court had removed the prime
minister, Nawaz Sharif, from office over corruption
allegations. In 2022, Imran Khan wants the present
government to announce snap polls in the country.
On the 6th day of his long march, Khan has clearly hinted to convert his protest demonstration into
a sit-in.“Nobody should think our movement will
end in Islamabad, it will continue for the next ten
months until we have fresh elections,” warned the
former premier addressing the long march. In his
second long march, only with the gap of a previous
long march [May 25], the PTI Chairman is believed
to use delaying tactics with the aim to gather a long
crowd at the time of reaching Islamabad. This time,
Imran opted to start his ‘movement’ from Lahore
and it took six days to reach Gujranwala. In another
related development, the country’s top court gave
Imran Khan another chance to explain his alleged
flouting of the May 25 court order that defined the
limits for his party’s “Azadi March”. The present
government is committed to hold election on time.
The federal capital safely can be named as ‘City of
containers’, as the government adopting precautionary measures is all set to stop the protestors. 

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