LONDON-The Crown star Meg Bellamy, who will play Kate Middleton in the upcoming season six of Netflix’s series, has surprised fans with her previous performance in ‘a much less glamorous role.’ Fans are shocked after a throwback picture of Meg in the character of Miss Trunchbull from Matilda has gone viral on social media.  

In the photo, the 19-year-old actress can be seen donning a military style uniform with a large leather belt and a signature riding crop in hand. Meanwhile, Meg’s former teacher Claire Louise Rosser told the Sunday Mirror that she was very similar to Middleton and ‘ridiculously humble.’ “Meg is similar and ridiculously humble. She was very popular, the type of student you had to encourage to come forward. She wasn’t loud or a drama diva – she was quite reserved, she had amazing attendance, and was always on time and would do what was asked,” she added.

Meg will play the Princess of Wales in the final season of The Crown, the first time Prince William’s now wife has appeared in the controversial Netflix series.