LAHORE    -  Performance Audit Wing Lahore on Sunday con­ducted training courses on different subjects in­cluding those of audit of disaster management, data analysis in performance auditing and the report writing process. ded the courses. These courses were designed and conducted to improve and strengthen the skills of the participants un­der the supervision of the qualified trainers. The goal of these courses was to comprehensively cover all the important areas of audit of disaster management, to develop analytical and practical skills and reporting skills of the officers engaged in audit activities. These training programs were well-planned and covered almost all the topics related to the disaster risk assessment, risk re­duction, prevention, mitigation and governance framework for managing disaster, concepts and techniques about social benefits and costs, finan­cial and economic analysis, time value of money, concepts of compounding & discounting, sensi­tivity testing, net present value & internal rate of return, sensitivity analysis, output budgeting, ratio analysis, analysis of cost/time over run, cor­relation coefficient, trend analysis & regression and simple statistical measures, stages of perfor­mance audit report (PAR) & its reporting process, creating high impact PARs, form and content of a PAR and preparation & approval of the final PAR, template and segments of PAR and tools & tech­niques used during preparation of performance audit report. Addressing the officers, Sami Ullah Teepu, director general (PAW), said that these training activities will enhance the understanding and quality of their work.