A long trail of violence, unrest and human rights violations has followed the past three years, ever since the government of India illegally abrogated its own constitution in an attempt to forcefully and illegally annex UNSC recognised disputed territories in Kashmir and Jammu. Media blackout, censorship, internet shutdown, illegal detentions, extrajudicial killings and massacres have just become some of the features commonly seen in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Despite international condemnation, the human rights violations by the Indian state only grow, with last week being particularly gruesome. In the past week, Indian forces have blatantly carried out a series of extra-judicial murders with impunity on a daily basis; In one incident near Kupwara, two innocent Kashmiris were killed by Indian occupation forces. Another innocent Kashmiri was killed in Kulgam district the next day, after a so-called ‘cordon and search operation by Indian forces. Four more Kashmiris were killed subsequently in Kulgram and Baramulla in police encounters.

Pakistan has rightfully taken notice of the horrific scenes in IIOJK, which can be called an international human rights issue. The Pakistan Foreign Office has released a statement strongly condemning the series of extrajudicial killings that Indian forces carried out with impunity. Unfortunately, however, this is a scenario we have seen time and time before. The Indian government has blatantly and frequently given evidence of how ruthless it is and how it will simply not respect international humanitarian and treaty law when it comes to IIOJK, and yet every time, the international community turns a blind eye to the crisis that is developing before everyone’s eyes.

Many unbiased and global organisations, NGOs and civil society thinktanks have investigated the unlawfulness of the Indian state’s actions—last year, a British law firm provided extensive evidence to the Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Unit to document how Indian forces headed by Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane and Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah were responsible for the torture, war crimes and human rights violations IIOJK including extrajudicial killings, torture, pellet gun violence, enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention. Indian occupation forces have murdered more than 678 Kashmiris, including at least 158 this year. How much more evidence does the international community need until it takes any action?