KARACHI (St- An operative of a group involved in stealing motorcycles from Karachi has made startling revelations during the investigation. The police arrested Mahmood, an operative of a group involved in snatching of motorcycles from Karachi’s Azizabad. The police authorities say that Mahmood, the motorcycle lifter arrested from Azizabad said in his confessional statement that the stolen motorcycles are sold at cheap prices. The accused revealed during the investigation that after stealing the motorcycles, he used to sell them for Rs8 to 10 thousand, most of the motorcycles stolen from Karachi are taken to Balochistan and Khuzdar, he added. The police officials said that many motorcycles have been recovered on the identification of the arrested accused Mehmood, the accused is also involved in the theft of motorcycles and vehicles in different areas. According to the police, many CCTV footages of various incidents of the accused have also come to light, the police have also recovered 10 motorcycles from the accused.