Dhabeji pumping station faces another power breakdown

The major power breakdown by K-Electric (KE) has led to the complete shutdown of all pumps at the Dhabeji pumping station, affecting the water supply in the metropolis.

According to the details, a major electricity breakdown from K-Electric caused operational hurdles at the Dhabeji pumping station.

The Water Corporation spokesperson reported that all feeders of the Dhabeji pumping station have completely lost electricity.

The spokesperson added that the power breakdown occurred at 6AM in the morning, and so far, the electricity at the Dhabeji pumping station has not been restored.

As a result of the breakdown, M.S Line no. 5 has once again affected due to the low pressure resulting in the disruption of the water supply to the city.

Last month, Karachi’s Dhabeji pumping station experienced a power breakdown, affecting water supply in the city.

According to the details, the Dhabeji pumping station – responsible for supplying water across Karachi – experienced a power breakdown due to which the citizens of Karachi are likely to face a shortage of water.

The spokesperson of Water Corporation stated that due to the power outage the 72-inch diameter line, designated as line number 5 is affected.

The spokesman stated that the water corporation officials are at the site and conducting a thorough inspection of the affected line, seeking to identify the root cause of the problem.

The chief engineer of Bulkwater Corporation confirmed that efforts are under way to restore the affected line to mitigate any potential inconvenience to the city’s residents due to the disruption in water supply.

The chief engineer stated that the the city’s water supply has been redirected through alternative lies, meanwhile the affected line undergoes repair work.

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