Govt decides to expel 1.1m foreigners residing illegally in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD  -  The caretaker government has decid­ed to evict 11 lacs foreigners living il­legally in Pakistan because of their involvement in funding, facilitating terrorists and other illegal activities.

In the first phase, illegal residents, in the second phase, those with Af­ghan citizenship and in the third phase, those with proof of residence cards will be expelled. “Illegally resident foreign­ers pose a serious threat to the security of Paki­stan” said a source privy to the development and add­ed that the plan for evic­tion of illegally residing Af­ghan citizens has also been approved as this lot is in­volved in funding, facilitat­ing and smuggling terror­ists whereas 7 lacs Afghans have not renewed their proof of residence in Paki­stan. It has been informed that in the first phase, il­legal residents will be de­ported along with those who do not renew their vi­sas. In the second phase, those with Afghan citizen­ship will be deported, in the third phase, those with proof of residence cards will be deported. The Min­istry of Interior has pre­pared a plan in consultation with the stakeholders and the Afghan government. In the meantime, the ministry has also issued directives to the concerned to compile a record of Afghans living without permits and pre­pare a transportation plan to bring them to the Afghan border. Apart from check­ing the records of all the Af­ghans residing in the coun­try the concerned officials were directed to quickly deal with the applications filed regarding the registra­tion of Afghans.