Infecundity of leadership

Pakistan has been grappling with a myriad of challenges, specif­ically an economic meltdown, as evident from the recent fuel price hike that has multiplied the mis­eries of the already downtrodden masses. The recent massive spike in fuel prices has drastically in­creased inflation to an enormous level. According to expert opinion, it has added more financial burden to the poor masses. The Consum­er Price Index (CPI) is expected to reach an all-time high of 5 percent, which is devastating for the poor, and relief is still not in sight.

The previous consecutive gov­ernments have proven to be an­tagonistic to each other on trivial political issues instead of provid­ing relief to the poor masses. It is disheartening to note that the pre­vious government signed a stifling programme with the IMF at the expense of providing relief to the poor masses.

It is also true that people are paying almost triple the price for their daily used commodities and household goods. However, the federal government and district administrations have remained dormant and inactive, failing to take any action or launch any crackdown against the profiteers and hoarders. It seems they have been given carte blanche to extract unfair profits from the poor mass­es. As most essential household items are available at unaffordable prices for the downtrodden, this is a matter of great concern for the authorities concerned.

On the other hand, the incum­bent caretaker government seems to have nothing to do with taking care of the poor people, as it has been dropping fuel price bombs on the poor masses without any prudence or insight to manage the affairs of the state.

There is no doubt that we are in a deep crisis of political leadership and a lack of dynamic leadership and governance. To avert the wrath of the hungry and impoverished poor masses, it is high time to mend our ways and make decisions in the best interests of the people. Other­wise, a massive movement leading to chaotic unrest may ensue with­out any fear of consequences or eventualities, which must be avoid­ed at any cost as our country’s frag­ile financial conditions cannot af­ford another looming crisis.



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