Kashmir Peace Initiative

The recent visit of the British parliamentary delegation to Islamabad, led by Raja Najabat Hussain, marks a promising effort towards addressing the long-standing Kashmir issue in Pakistan. Their engagement with leaders like Mehmood Ahmed Saghar of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference Azad Kashmir and their commitment to understanding the situation in illegally Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir is commendable. This diplomatic initiative demonstrates the crucial role played by international collaboration in seeking a peaceful resolution to a conflict that has caused immense suffering for the people of the region.
Hussain’s leadership and the efforts of the British delegation deserve recognition. According to Mr. Hussain, the work to achieve the goals of the Kashmir Freedom Movement is equally taking place in Pakistan and the UK. Notably, over 100 members of the British Parliament are cognisant of the Kashmir issue and actively raise their voices for the oppressed Kashmiri people. The strong support from the UK parliamentarians underscores the international acknowledgement of the plight of Kashmiris and the urgent need for their self-determination.
In particular, the delegation member Sam Tarry has been actively trying to raise the issue of Kashmir in upcoming meetings of the Labour Party in the UK. This concerted effort to bring the Kashmir issue to the forefront of political discussions is crucial for driving international attention and support. Tarry’s focus on the importance of cooperation around trade in strengthening Pakistan-UK relations also holds immense potential. Facilitating trade between the two nations can not only enhance bilateral ties but also contribute to regional stability and development. Another member of the delegation,
Andrew Gwynne, highlighted the historical links between Pakistan and the UK, stressing how these ties can play a pivotal role in building a promising future. The shared history and cultural connections between both nations provide a strong foundation to work together towards resolving the Kashmir dispute. In addition to political collaboration, both Pakistan and the UK are united in their efforts to combat climate change. Climate change is a pressing global issue, and cooperation between the two countries can contribute to mitigating its effects.
It is imperative that the United Kingdom plays an important role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, as emphasised by Mehmood Ahmed Saghar. The unresolved issue has caused immense suffering for the Kashmiri people for the past 76 years. The international community, especially the UK, has a responsibility to support the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination according to UN resolutions. The visit of the British parliamentary delegation signifies a step in the right direction, bringing the Kashmir issue to the attention of a wider audience.

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