Naqvi launches special education admission campaign

Punjab CM distributes assistive devices to special children

Lahore   -  Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi officially launched the special education admission campaign and initiated the distribution of assistive devices for special children at a local hotel on Monday.

In his address, Chief Minister Naqvi expressed gratitude towards all those involved in serving special children, emphasising that it was both a religious and worldly obligation to care for them. He pledged unwavering commitment to the Department of Special Education, assuring prompt approval of all special education projects.

Highlighting the expansion of special centres in areas like Johar Town, the Chief Minister reaffirmed that endeavours for special children would be undertaken as acts of duty and devotion. Reflecting on his visit to the Government Pilot School on Wahdat Road, he expressed personal dismay at the situation. The school, housing 1,650 students, had only 60 appointed teachers, with 35 on Election Commission duty and the rest on leave. A mere 10 to 15 teachers were left to educate the vast student population, leading to a concerning decline in quality. Naqvi asserted that the responsibility for rectifying these conditions lies with the administration, not the children.

He called attention to the collective responsibility of the Education Department, its secretary, and minister in ensuring quality education and improving school conditions. Notable figures like Akhtar Rasool, Qari Sadaqat Ali, Zaheer, Bilal, and Naveed Anjum had all attended the Pilot School on Wahdat Road, which, Chief Minister Naqvi lamented, had been grievously neglected.

Condemning the water quality, Chief Minister Naqvi stated that children were being subjected to harm in the name of drinking water. He uncovered a distressing revelation: students were facing an impending exam on Islamic Studies without having received any prior education. Books and notebooks lay untouched, as there was no one to teach. Students reported that when teachers did attend class, they were often preoccupied with their mobile phones or dozing off.

Acknowledging the need for proactive efforts, he regretfully noted that it took eight months to uncover the dire state of this school. He concluded the event by presenting wheelchairs, hearing aids, and white canes to special children, while also awarding medals and prizes to exceptional students in both academics and sports.

The Chief Minister took the time to inspect stalls featuring handicrafts, paintings, and clothing crafted by the special children. 

Notable speakers included Anisa Qabore from Global Partnership and the Secretary of Special Education, with Provincial Ministers Amir Mir, Mansoor Qadir, Azfar Ali Nasir, and Commissioner Lahore in attendance. 

CM inspects underpass project

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inspected the Khalid Butt Chowk underpass project here on Monday. 

During the visit, he issued directives to ensure efficient traffic management throughout the construction process and underscored the imperative of completing the project on schedule. He emphasised the need for a concerted effort to meet the objectives. 

Highlighting the anticipated benefits, the CM mentioned that the construction of the Centre Point to Defence Mor signal-free corridor would greatly enhance convenience for commuters by improving traffic flow. Additionally, the Chief Minister pointed out that the project would encompass the repair of roads associated with it. 

Residents of Gulberg, Kalma Chowk, CBD, Cavalry Ground, DHA and Walton Road areas are expected to enjoy the advantages brought about by this project. The CM expressed a strong commitment to upholding the highest standards in the execution of the project and promised that it would be completed soon.

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