Newspapers in Turbat

In this era, attaining education has become the only means for progression. Newspapers are playing a very vital and significant role in academic life today. They are disseminating international information to many. In our country more than 60 newspapers in many different languages are available. They provide us with local as well as cross border news. Unfortunately in Turbat, only four to five newspapers are available to the dwellers. These include Dawn etc. We are deprived of valuable newspapers like The Nation, The Express Tribune, The Daily Times, The News etc. Newspapers provide a well-rounded perspective of political affairs. Experts on policies write their analysis on public policies. Reading them gives the reader the ability to make judgements which is why they are very beneficial especially for students. The concerned authorities should look into the matter. Greater newspaper readership would create a more educated society in Turbat.


Turbat, August 22.

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