First lady has no official Twitter, FB account

LAHORE  -  All the Twitter accounts of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s spouse Bushra Bibi are fake even they are followed by thousands of people.

PTI Deputy Information Secretary Sarah Ahmed confirmed to The Nation that first lady is not holding any official Twitter or Facebook account.

Fake news have been disseminating from fake social networking accounts of the ruling party including First Lady of Pakistan Bushra Imran. A survey conducted by The Nation revealed that top ranked fake account of First Lady of Pakistan @bushraakhanPti has 45,996 followers and it uses the following information in its bio data, “wife of Prime Minister of Pakistan @imrankhanPti Twitter official account”.

This Twitter account is using the as its website information. It seems the account holder who has made the fake account has no fear of being caught and that user is doing all the activity openly.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has only 32 official accounts which should be conserved as official that are actively spreading the party polices and day to day activities.

Interestingly, this user account is now asking the people to follow the new Twitter account with username @bushra_khanpti. On August 24, the fake account posted “Prime Minister Imran Imranplanting a tree at the foreign office today. A symbol of Pakistan’s commitment to a green future and doing its part in reversing climate change”. The tweet also posted a picture which was released by the Press Information Department. The picture which was used in the tweet was originally posted by @PTIofficial. 

No originally written content was posted from this account and all the material that was posted in series of posts was either copied from the other social media accounts or uploaded in Urdu language. 

There is also three other fake accountd including @realBushraImran with 8827 followers

These fake accounts are continuously posting comments on the important policies of Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf government and people who considered it as real accounts are also giving them retweets.

Pakistan Tehkreek-e-Insaf Deputy Information Secretary Sarah Ahmad told The Nation that PTI has nothing to do with all Twitter accounts of First Lady of Pakistan Bushra Khan. She said Twitter account @bushraakhanPti having 45,996 followers was not real account and it should be considered a fake account of first lady of Pakistan.

“Only those social media accounts mentioned on website are real ones otherwise all other accounts should be considered as fake accounts,” she commented.

PTI is also working to make verified Twitter accounts of all important office-holders of party which could be identified with a blue tick-mark on the right side of username.

Sarah said in future there will be verified Twitter accounts also on which people would have no ambiguity at all.

Nighad Dad Internet Rights Activist and founder of Digital Rights PK said, “Creating anyone’s fake account or impersonation is a criminal offence under PECA 2016. It’s not only ethically and morally wrong but legally can put those behind the bars who are making these fake accounts”.


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