Rawalpindi-Sustainable cotton production needs attention of all stakeholders to run the textile sector efficiently to support textile sector exports. This was said by Shahid Sattar, Secretary General of all Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) during a meeting Dr Yusuf Zafar, cotton advisor of Center for Agriculture Bioscience International (CABI) here on Friday. Shahid Sattar said sustainable and environmentally friendly cotton production is the future of Pakistan’s textile as country is facing mounting shortage of cotton bales to run the textile mills. Due to climatic conditions, Pakistan needs to bring more and diversified areas under cotton to produce sufficient cotton and reduce cotton import bill. He said textile sector is contributing nearly US$ 20 billion but this year we may miss the target because of shortfall in cotton production due to various reasons including heavy damages caused by floods and rains. Dr Yusuf Zafar said that CABI is actively engaged with cotton farmers and providing technical support to increase yield per acre by reducing crop losses. He further told that CABI is supporting cotton production through various interventions like bio-control trainings to farmers to reduce their cost on pesticides on one way and increase production on the other way. Dr. Javed Hassan, cotton advisor to APTMA and Mr. Baloch Latif Baloch, project officer at CABI were also present during this high-level meeting of future collaboration between CABI and APTMA for sustainable cotton production in Pakistan.