LAHORE    -   The strategic alliance with 1LINK will enable EZ Wage to access all member banks on 1LINK’s portal and will facilitate 24/7 disburse­ment in real time when employees opt to withdraw a portion of their earned wages using the state-of-the-art EZ Wage mobile application.

Singapore-based EZ Wage is one of the first financial wellness plat­forms in Pakistan that offers Earned Wage Access (EWA), allowing users the benefit of retrieving a portion of their hard-earned money before payday. This revolutionary employee benefit not only boosts the morale and performance of employees but also benefits employ­ers by reducing the workload of their HR/Finance departments and does not tie up their own working capital. Needless to say, the backdrop of inflation and global recession coupled with rigorous downsizing during the pandemic has spurred people into consider­ing sources of borrowing money, such as friends and family as well as loansharks which may not necessarily work in their favour in the long run. This renders the future of digitized payments and EWA quite promising in the region.