A security vehicle of former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan caught fire near Rawat town of Islamabad. According to details, a security vehicle included in convoy of Imran Khan met with a road accident when he was returning to his residence in Islamabad after addressing a public gathering in Gujrat. The people jumped out of the burning car to save their lives. Rescue and the Rawat police station teams rushed to the site and put out the fire. According to details, the former premier remained unhurt as he was travelling in a car behind the affected vehicle. No lives were lost in the accident. The affected vehicle is a part of Imran Khan’s personal security squad. A day earlier, PTI Chairman Imran Khan hinted at another long march towards Islamabad if the coalition government continues using negative tactics against his political party. Imran Khan, while addressing a public gathering in Gujrat, warned the coalition government of another long march towards Islamabad if it continues negative tactics against PTI. He announced that the PTI’s movement will march to Islamabad and the current rulers will find no place to hide in the federal capital.