ISLAMABAD    -   Nestlé Pakistan and the National University of Sci­ences & Technology (NUST) pledged to continue their role as water stewards in a panel discussion to commemorate World Water Week 2022.

The discussion focused on the need to use technology-based irrigation techniques to con­serve water and increase yield simultaneously along the lines of this year’s theme ‘Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water’.

In his opening remarks, Air Vice Marshal Dr Rizwan Riaz, Pro Rector RIC-NUST, stressed for integration and indigenization of tech­nology, highlighting that there was a need to work on practices that are suitable for Paki­stan specific agriculture issues. “Industry-academia linkages for addressing the issues that could improve agricultural productivity are the need of the hour,” he said.

Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Direc­tor, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), emphasized on putting water at the core of action plans and policy. He said, “There is an urgent need for communities, companies and governments to come up with innovative solu­tions to secure water that can help maintain the balance between people and nature.”

Florence Rolle, Country Representative, UN Food & Agriculture Organisation also focused on the development and implementation of agricultural technology related policies to im­prove the productive efficiency of the farmers in Pakistan. “Developing a resource governance mechanism could help judicious use of the scarce resources such as water and land,” she said during the discussion.

Aatekah Mir-Khan, Senior Manager Public Affairs and Sustainability, Nestlé Pakistan while emphasizing Nestlé’s flagship Car­ing for Water-Pakistan (C4W-Pakistan) ini­tiative said, “As a responsible company, we have committed to regenerate the water cy­cle to create a positive water impact every­where our waters business operates by 2025 through our Water Pledge.”

She further said, “C4W-Pakistan is a blueprint for gauging collective action and has three pil­lars: factories, communities, and agriculture. ”