Visa launches Visa Ready To Launch programme

LAHORE- Visa, the world’s leader in digi­tal payments, has launched the Visa Ready To Launch (VRTL) programme, giving fintech and non-banking en­tities a seamless experience in issuing payment prod­ucts. NymCard is the first BaaS player in the Middle East and Pakistan region to join Visa Ready to Launch programme and transform payment credentials issu­ance capabilities for fintech through a first of its kind plug and play end to end platform in the region. Fin­tech and non-banking enti­ties face many challenges when attempting to launch new payment programs. Technological, operational and commercial enablement are all difficult to achieve in the marketplace as the card enablement landscape remains fragmented. This means partnership with numerous players in the ecosystem like Bank Iden­tification Number (BIN) sponsors, issuer processors, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Launder­ing (AML) partners etc. is required for multi-market penetration. VRTL address­es these challenges by deliv­ering end-to-end credentials issuance capability through product bundling, program management and scalable tech integration platform via APIs, which are the essential tools developers use to let Visa services run on their own platform. The ‘One Contract’, ‘One Pricing’ & ‘One Integration’ approach makes entire process much simpler and reduces Go to Market (GTM) timelines, a vital consideration for startups. The partnership will boost overall capacity and ensure that interested fintech and non-banking entities enjoy a quick on­boarding experience.

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