ISLAMABAD - Taking a serious notice of the flogging of a young girl by Taliban in Swat, followed by sharp criticism from all walks of life, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Friday took a suo moto notice of the incident constituting an eight-member larger bench on the issue. Proceedings on the issue by the larger bench would be started on April 6 under Article 184(3) of the Constitution. The larger bench would be headed by the CJP himself. Other members of the bench included Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan, Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokhar, Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Raja Fayyaz Ahmad and Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmad. The CJP directed a private TV channel to produce the CD of the incident before the larger bench on Monday. Some private TV channels may jointly compile the video material of the incident and arrange to display the same before the court on the date fixed. Furthermore, notices have been issued to Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Chief Secretary NWFP and Inspector General of Police (NWFP) to appear in person on the date fixed. Secretary, Ministry of Interior, has also been directed to procure the victim (girl) and produce her before the court on the date fixed. Notices have also been issued to the Attorney General for Pakistan, Advocate General (NWFP) and President, High Court Bar Association (NWFP) to appear on the fixed date to assist the court. APP adds: The Chief Justice has termed it a very cruel act, in violation of the fundamental rights and giving very bad name to the country. The treatment is also in violation of Islamic norms and principles. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees fundamental rights of its citizens and no person can be deprived of life, liberty without due process of law. The dignity of person is inviolable. No person can be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Law prohibits punishment of whipping. The incident, therefore, constitutes a serious violation of the Constitution and law. It may be pointed out that according to Article 247 of the Constitution, the executive authority of the Federation extends to the Tribal Areas including the Provincially Administered tribal Areas (PATA). The Federal and Provincial laws do not automatically apply to the Tribal Areas however such laws can be extended to it with the approval of President or Governor. Relevant portion of Article 247 is as under:- (1) Subject to the Constitution, the executive authority of the Federation shall extend to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and the executive authority of a Province shall extend to the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas therein. (7) Neither the Supreme Court nor a High Court shall exercise and jurisdiction under the Constitution in relation to a Tribal Area, unless (Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) by law otherwise provides: Provided that nothing in this clause shall affect the jurisdiction which the Supreme Court or a High Court exercised in relation to a tribal Area immediately before the commencing day. 5. It is pointed out that in the 1970s; the Supreme Court and High Court jurisdiction was extended to PATA. 6. In view of the above, HCJ may consider taking action in the matter under Article 184(3) of the Constitution. The Chief Justice has termed it a serous matter of violation of fundamental rights, guaranteed under the Constitution of Pakistan and constituted a larger Bench to hear the case. Political parties, civil society and human rights activists strongly condemned the public flogging of 17-year old girl in Swat by the Taliban. However, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has said that Federal and Provincial Governments are responsible for this incident. A large number of people also condemned the public flogging of 17-year old girl in Swat and demanded the establishment of governments writ. Spokesperson of the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the inhuman and barbaric punishment meted out to the girl had made the heads of the people hang in shame. For its sheer atrocity the incident will continue to haunt people and the country even in a distant age and clime, the spokesperson said. The perpetrators of the crime had done a great disservice to humanity, religion and morality, he said. Such barbarism is unpardonable and cannot be tolerated; it will not be. The spokesperson said that the militants wanted to impose a medieval and obscurantist agenda in the name of religion on the people through gun and bullets but they will not be allowed to do so. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani taking a serious notice of public flogging of a girl in Swat has ordered the authorities concerned to inquire into the incident and submit a report. He strongly condemned the shameful happening and said that such incidents tarnish the countrys image. He said the incident was also contrary to the Islamic principles, as our religion teaches us to treat the women politely and gently. He said the government believed in the rights of women and would continue to take every measure to protect their rights. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Media Advisor Zahid Kazami strongly condemned the incident and said that it was an effort to tarnish the name of Pakistan and Islam at the international level. He said that such people wanted to bring the country in the Stone Age. While strongly condemning the act of flogging of a teenage girl in Swat, he termed it as a shocking, shameful and blatant violation of human rights by non-state actors. He said that these militants were becoming the tools of enemies of Islam and the country. He said that the nation should unite and announce Jihad against such elements. He said that the government should take strict action and punish those who were involved in it. JI leader Liaquat Baloch said that Federal and Provincial Governments were responsible for this incident. He said that if the incident had occurred before the peace accord in Swat then why it was not made public. JI President of Islamabad chapter, Syed Bilal said that punishment should be awarded according to the Constitution and Islam. He said that women should not be punished publicly but in closed doors. Tahira Abdullah a Human Rights activist condemning the gruesome incident said that no human let alone a Muslim can ever commit such an act. She demanded of President Asif Ali Zardari, PM Yousaf Raza Gilani, ANP chief Asfand Yar Wali to take notice of this incident and immediately end the peace agreement with the Taliban in Swat and abolish the Nizam-e-Adl system. She said that Sufi Mohammad, the man who brokered the peace deal between the government and the Taliban, must be summoned and conveyed that the Shariat based Nizam-e-Adl was being abolished. She said that Islam and the image of Pakistan were being maligned at the hands of few Taliban. Awami Party also strongly condemned the incident and termed it a brutal event. The party said that the government should take solid measures to halt such incidents. Meanwhile, the civil society activists took out a protest procession in the federal capital to condemn the incident and demanded of the government to take practical steps for stopping such kind of incidents in future. While talking to TheNation, Summar Minnalah, a Pashtun documentary-maker and anthropologist, termed this incident as violation of human rights in the name of Islam. She added, these types of incidents were badly damaging the countrys image. While condemning the incident, she said that the shocking incident speaks volumes about the failure of incumbent government to protect basic human rights in the country. Meanwhile, Human Rights activists on Friday held a candle light peace vigil at Police Memorial, Melody in order to express their solidarity with the policemen martyred during the terrorist attack on Manawan Police Training Centre. The participants of INSANI Haqooq ITEHAD and umbrella organizations of Rawalpindi and Islamabad assembled at Aabpara Market and proceeded towards the Police Memorial at Melody and laid flowers and lit the candles in memory of martyred policemen. They condemned the terrorists attack and urged the government to probe the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has demanded a high-level inquiry into the brutal incident that happened in Swat in which a 17 years old girl was publicly flogged. A PML-N spokesman said, Islam guarantees the protection of women dignity and respect. Events like Swat incident can disgrace and defame Islam. The spokesman demanded exemplary punishment to those responsible for the brutal incident.